Purified Water and the Water Cycle

Purified Water and the Water Cycle

All water has been recycled – millions of times. Water molecules travel around and around the water cycle. The water we have today is the water that has always existed. The nature of the water molecule allows it to travel through many different environments and, with appropriate treatment, emerge, like new, ready to be used again. The processes of the water cycle cleanse and renew the water. There are many substances in water – some natural, some manmade, some beneficial, some not – most of which must and can be removed to purify water for a variety of uses.

Click to enlargeThe earth has only a limited supply of fresh water and less than 1 percent is available for drinking. This water is continually being recycled in what is called the water cycle, a natural process that has occurred for thousands of years. It is vital for life on the planet.

We manage local water resources with reservoirs and infrastructure that pipes water to where it is needed. This is sometimes called the managed water cycle or the urban hydrological cycle. This is because urbanization, such as that in Santa Clara Valley, requires us to manage our water and to use and reuse the water.

Water purification technology is being adopted in California – it is already in use in Orange County and Los Angeles– and it has been implemented by other leading water agencies in the United States and around the world. At the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center we are providing a new source of purified water to supplement the natural water cycle and strengthen our local water supply. (Click on the image at left to learn more about the "new" water cycle).

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