What the experts are saying: Dr. Joseph Cotruvo

“Water has been reused continuously throughout history, by means of natural processes. Otherwise the earth would have run out of water thousands of years ago! Nowadays we have the technology to simulate natural processes, only more quickly. And we can produce water that usually is better than water from conventional sources. The poorer the water source, the better the technology needed to produce water that is suitable and safe for its intended use, whether that is cooling, irrigation, or drinking."

"Some people—including a few regulators—think we should use all available technology at any expense to produce the equivalent of high-end distilled water. That is costly and doesn’t benefit the public. The rational, sustainable approach is to (1) apply the appropriate technology to produce water that meets scientifically verifiable quality specifications, and (2) appropriately monitor the process and results. That way everyone can be confident that water supplies will always be available at an affordable price for our various needs.”

- Joseph Cotruvo, Ph.D.

About Dr. Joseph Cotruvo

Dr. Joseph Cotruvo Dr. Joseph Cotruvo has a long history of working on issues related to drinking water, risk, and human health. After earning his doctorate in physical organic chemistry from Ohio State University, Dr. Cotruvo led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency division that developed comprehensive national drinking water regulations and risk assessments for microbial contaminants, organic and inorganic chemicals, and radionuclides. He also initiated an EPA advisory program that provides health risk guidance for unregulated contaminants and emergencies. Dr. Cotruvo has published widely on water quality and safety, health risk management, risk assessment, toxicology testing, water reuse, regulatory policy, small water systems, emergency water supplies, and decentralized small systems water delivery technology.

Dr. Cotruvo is a longtime member of the World Health Organization’s committee on drinking water quality guidelines and has written or contributed to WHO studies on the health aspects of plumbing, calcium and magnesium in drinking water, waterborne diseases and pathogens, the health and environmental impacts of desalination technology, and chlorine disinfection of food products. He is chairman of the Regulatory Committee of the WateReuse Association and serves on numerous expert advisory groups on drinking water quality, desalination, and water reuse. As president of Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, LLC, Dr. Cotruvo is developing projects on mineral nutrition, desalination and water health in the Middle East. Other international experience includes assisting Abu Dhabi and Kuwait on bromate water quality and risk issues and serving on a water standards advisory committee in Singapore.